Amplify Technologies – We increase Security, Productivity and Revenue by ensuring your network Infrastructure remains operational and secure.
We help you find the right balance between internal and external IT resources delivering:

  • Increased ability to respond quickly to problems.
  • Enhanced ability to expand human capacity.
  • Increased scalability in a more flexible manner.
  • Improved transparency.
  • Maintain better control on overall IT expenditures.
    Threats are growing more hostile. Budgets are tight and business imperatives like cyber-attacks, mobility, and data stored can pose a high risks if they’re not properly managed. Legacies approaches, including thinking buying and implementing virus protection, cover only a fraction of total risks companies now face.
    Amplify Technologies is your trusted technology partner, assisting companies to align their technology needs with their business goals – allowing technology to be integrated into your business intelligently.
    WE CONSULT – Review your infrastructure’s architecture and controls, to analyze your business vulnerability.
    WE PROTECT – Secure your organization, operations, products and services.
    WE RESPOND – With rapid response capabilities that minimize losses and mitigate future risks.
    WE REMEDITE – With extensive practical experience, managing complex solutions.
    CTO Consulting
    We begin with one focus, to save you significant amount of money, while improving technology infrastructure, customer service, security of network and employee productivity.
    Our team is led by our highly seasoned CTO of 25+ years can assist to address strategic projects and provide the vision, strategy and innovation required to lead your team and company.
    Service Partners
    In order to facilitate our mission and vision, we have partnered with industry leading providers in their respective fields. In addition to cost savings, the focus these providers bring is based primarily on client service and delivery.

    Despite these dramatic savings, our providers’ commitment to outstanding service never waivers.
    Our core services includes: Technology Roadmap Planning & Budgeting IT Staffing, IT Strategic Planning Systems Assessment Project Management
    Integrated Managed Services and Solutions

  • Technology advisor.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Professional services.
  • Procurement services.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Recovery.
  • Storage and archiving.
  • Network design.
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