Office supplies, paper and so much more

Amplify has partnered with Staples to deliver a program that covers not just the everyday needs of paper, office supplies, etc., but the also in the areas of technology (laptops, monitors, printers, etc.) and furniture.

The savings are designed to be extraordinary and are up to the percentages outlined in the table below, and they are in addition to the top 100 items (with average discounts in excess of 50%) used by our association members. However, in addition to savings, you will also be assigned a specific customer care representative, who will walk you through the site, answer any questions etc. The aim is to deliver personalized service, irrespective of the spend level.

Outlined below is an overall summary of the savings and discounts offered as standard through the program:
In addition, specific savings examples relating to paper (typically the largest area of spend), are outlined in more detail below, for a sample of paper qualities:

There are no minimums, contracts or commitments, simply follow these steps:

  • Follow the join now link below and complete the basic information.
  • We have worked with Staples to ensure that the top items for our relevant associations are preloaded for exception pricing, however, please load in any invoices or statements you have so we can continue to tailor the top available items.
  • Within an hour you will receive a URL for the Staples set up and within 24-48 hours a customer care representative will call you and walk through the site. This person will then be assigned as your go-to person on your account, who is able to answer any questions of concerns you may have.
  • There is complimentary next day delivery with all orders over $50.
  • Log in and use – it’s that simple.

And now for the Fine Print

There isn’t any…it’s that simple. Go and use it as little or as much as you want!

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