The typical solution for larger organizations when looking to either cut costs or improve the management of a certain vendor class is to run an RFP.

The thinking is typically along the lines of:

  1. We can consolidate multiple vendors; and
  2. We can leverage our spend, bidding down costs to the obtain the lowest cost provider.

In reality there are a number of issues with this approach:

  1. It takes time (realistically 4-6 months of time) to run a full RFP process,
  2. Lowest cost doesn’t necessarily mean the highest or even acceptable quality service levels,
  3. Generally you are required to sign a contract with the service provider and/or guaranteeing them a certain spend or % of total spend; and,
  4. Finally, and most critically, even if you are successful you are still only leveraging you own spend.

The Amplify RFP Process

Amplify has taken a fundamentally different approach to running RFPs:

  1. We only partner with a select group of service providers who we have worked with for a number of years,
  2. Our process typically is completed within 5-7 business days – as opposed to months, thereby delivering an immediate saving instead of waiting for months,
  3. We leverage total spend of all our users, not just your specific spend. This allows discounts and service levels at a fundamentally different level to what may be obtained on your own,
  4. And last, and most fundamentally, there is no fee, no minimum and no contract – meaning that the business needs to be earned each and every day going forward.

Areas we cover

  • Shipping and transportation costs.
  • Office supplies and related items.
  • Printing, copying and related items.
  • Credit card process/merchant services.
  • Lending.
  • RFP Request Form