While Amplify’s main focus is working with Associations and their members, we also offer access to the savings and services platform to non members for a fixed annual fee of $250. The fine print and next steps are outlined in more detail below. To put the fee into perspective, buy 5 boxes of Staples paper or ship less than 10 packages overnight and the platform has paid for itself.


    • Access to the savings platform with savings on shipping of up to 40%, supplies and related items – 50% off top items used day to day plus significant discounts of up to 70% off list price on other items together with other discounts and savings,
    • Access to dedicated customer service teams for Amplify members at each of our service providers,
    • Access to additional services and savings as they are rolled out.

    A few things to note (AKA the fine print)

    • For members of associations who we partner with, the platform is complimentary and is a significant added value to the membership of the association,
    • For firms/companies who are not members of one of our partner associations there is an annual fee to access the platform,
    • This membership fee is payable at sign up. If, during the initial 90 day period you decide that you do not see the value, simply cancel the membership and you will be refunded in full. In fact – IF AT ANY TIME you do not see the value, you may immediately cancel your membership and you will receive a refund for the remaining period of the year,
    • The membership fee entitles you to access all the areas we offer, including additional areas of cost savings and services as and if they are rolled out,
    • As with all of Amplify’s services there are no minimums and no contracts. We absolutely believe in our mission and the value we deliver. We are committed to delivering the services and value that larger competitors have, up until now, had access to and leveling the playing field.

    Next steps

    • Sign up using the secure link below to our gateway provider at authorize.net. No Amplify employee will have access to your card information,
    • Sign up for as many of the areas as you find appropriate for your business.


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