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Members of The Paralegal Association of New Jersey

Outlined below is a summary of the savings areas available to you. As you can see from reviewing our site, we work with a number of other legal associations across the country.
We have no membership fees, minimums or require certain levels of spend – feel free to also request a savings estimate. To join, click on the “join now” link. For more info you can reach us at: or toll free at (844)396-7283, or click on live chat.



Amplify is a company dedicated to working with law firms to deliver significant savings to the bottom line.
We define significant as up to 40% on overnight shipping (50% on international shipping), up to 72% off list prices on items with Staples. Our goal is to deliver solutions that, not just cut cost, but streamline back office functions as well – allowing firm admins and paralegals to focus on serving clients.
From focusing on ensuring ease of management of back office costs to on shipping costs, we have the solutions that can transform your back office, allowing your admin team to focus on running the business.
In addition there are no minimums and no contracts required – irrespective of levels of spend.

Shipping – FedEx


Office Supplies – Staples      Merchant Services – Bluestone


Meeting Rooms – Davinci      Legal Software – Visionary


Copier Equipment – Xerox      Website – MaxWest Media