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Amplify has partnered with Bluestone Payments to deliver a seamless method to process all payment types at substantial savings. Bluestone provides small to mid-size business owners with a number of options to collect customer payments quickly and efficiently.

Key attributes of the Bluestone platform are:

  • All credit and debit card types processed, as well as ACH payment options; typical savings average 20% or greater,
  • Send customers an email with a payment link and/or add a “Pay My Bill” button to your website,
  • Customize invoices with your branding,
  • Setup automatic payments for all invoices with a balance due,
  • Create a payment plan for larger payments,
  • Automatically schedule invoices for recurring payments,
  • Simplified billing process collects and records online payments,
  • Payment reminders are sent automatically,
  • Superior integration with QuickBooks and other branded financial software,
  • Stand-alone invoicing and payment solution is also available.

Honesty, integrity and reliability—that’s the Bluestone Payments difference. Whether you accept credit cards, process payments on a virtual terminal or your mobile phone, operate an online web-site to process payments, or electronically invoice clients, Bluestone offers financial products and services that you need and deserve.
To receive more detailed information, click on the “Join” button and complete the information request; Bluestone will process and respond within 24 hours.


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