We work with Associations and their members (focusing on all members not just the top handful) to deliver value to all. Our goal is to provide solutions that manage up to 20% of the cost structure, reducing it by at least 35%+ overall and adding at least 5% to your bottom line. Every industry association and trade group is focused on delivering value to its members; however,value can be a tough word to define and put a price on. From lobbying, training, and setting standards, to creating a knowledge base for a specific industry, the leading Associations are focused on all these areas, but in today’s world it is not enough.

In today’s business environment, industry leading Associations must not only deliver beyond just the basic services but they also have to justify their annual membership fees. In the past, many have turned to affinity programs which have included branded cards, rental car discounts, even generic savings programs. The problems with these programs are basically two fold:

  1. There is nothing special about the savings – anyone can now go online and generate the same basic savings amounts.
  2. The Association has to manage the program and continue to add to it to deliver value, as each individual item itself has minimal value.

This is where Amplify is fundamentally different. We provide our members access to cost efficiencies that make businesses run more smoothly while delivering dramatic savings. We are able to provide our members access to cost savings that were previously only accessible to industry leaders. For example, Amplify can obtain shipping savings of 40% and office supply savings (depending on the category) from 70%+ on paper to 34% on technology items with Staples, all with no minimums. All these agreements are pre-negotiated and ready to implement with no disruption to your business. So even the smallest Association members can now access transformative savings – all with no minimums and no contracts – allowing complete flexibility.

Through our platform relationships, we also provide access to a preferred working capital lender that has a streamlined and straightforward approval process through Amplify, saving time and allowing your business not only to survive today’s turbulent business environment, but to thrive and reach new heights. They have a particular focus on the litigation market – especially court reporting and are able to provide complete receivables management as well.