We deliver unparalleled value to our Associations and members by providing solutions that manage up to 20% of their cost structure, while reducing overall costs by 35% or more. Not only that we provide members with access to solutions that are typically not available to most members.

Every industry association and trade group focuses on delivering value to its members, but in today’s business climate, this is not enough. Industry leading Associations must not only deliver services beyond the basics, but also justify their annual membership fees. In the past, many have turned to affinity programs, such as branded cards, rental car discounts, and even generic savings programs. The problem with these programs is two-fold:

  1. The saving is typically generic – anyone can generate the same basic savings online.
  2. The Association has to manage the program to deliver value.

This is where Amplify is fundamentally different. We provide the platform to manage the program driving incremental value to the membership.

For example, Amplify can obtain shipping savings of 40% and office supply savings from 70% and deliver technology solutions that typically aren’t even available for small to medium users. All our agreements are pre-negotiated and ready to implement with no disruption to your business. So even the smallest Association members can now access transformative savings without minimums or contracts—giving our clients complete flexibility.



The Amplify mission is to provide our members unmatched back office solutions – from technology through to cost savings solutions, that deliver value – helping our members to dramatically improve their efficiency and allowing them to focus on their clients.

  • We believe in conducting business with integrity and fairness.
  • We believe cost savings are vital, but ease of use, service levels, and overall quality of solutions are even more important to achieving success in today’s business environment than simple savings.
  • We strive to deliver unmatched value, whether it is in terms of security from our technology solutions to ability to easily rebill expenses, the result of which adds at least 5% to the profitability of each client.


Our vision is to deliver value, in terms of both monetary savings and efficiencies, to our members. We do this by delivering two complimentary solutions to Associations and their members that create true value for their membership:

  • Saving money and deliver value through improving our members ability to manage every day costs through our expertise and buying power.
  • Streamline back office operations.

Service Partners

In order to facilitate our mission and vision, we have partnered with industry leading providers.

These providers have one common thread – they provide value beyond simply servicing their clients.

Whether it is our technology partners through to our merchant service provider, the savings and quality of service are givens, it’s the ease of use, next generation of solutions and dramatic impact to our members’ back office productivity that stand Amplify and our partners apart.