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American Asian Hotel Owners Association

Amplify, as a founding member of AAHOA, offers members an exclusive grouping of discounts on their back offices costs that are unbeatable – with no minimums, fees or volume requirements.


Amplify is a company dedicated to working with leading Associations to deliver significant savings to their members. We define significant as up to 50% on international shipping anywhere in the world, 35% on inbound shipping to the US, 40% on overnight express shipping and up to 72% off list prices on items with Staples – irrespective of volumes – all with no contracts and no commitments.
Our goal is to deliver solutions that, not just cut cost, but streamline back office functions as well. From focusing on ensuring ease of management of back office costs to on shipping costs, we have the solutions that can transform your back office, allowing your admin team to focus on running the business.
In addition there are no minimums and no contracts required – irrespective of levels of spend. The major areas of focus:

Shipping – FedEx


Office Supplies – Staples      Merchant Services – Bluestone


Copier Equipment – Xerox


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