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Visionary provides a complete solution to Court Reporting Agencies allowing one integrated platform of solutions that is unmatched in the industry.

Key products:

    Visionary Auto-Synced 8.5:

  • Sync one hour of video in two minutes or less,
  • 100% Accurate Auto-Synchronizing,
  • Hyperlink and display deposition exhibits,
  • Sync multiple jobs with sync queue,
  • Deliver data to your clients with a free exhibit / transcript / video viewer,
  • Create sync data that is compatible with both Visionary and other popular litigation software.
    Visionary Scan 8.5:

  • Allows for quick review of documents,
  • Quickly code exhibit, deposition and/or trial number and description information,
  • Works with Any TWAIN-enabled scanner,
  • Create generic load file compatible with popular litigation software,
  • Prevents index conflicts,
  • Utilizes image load files,
  • Recognizes separator sheets,
  • Integrates with Visionary Auto-Syncer,
  • Easy to use quality control functions,
  • OCR,
  • Enforce common file naming practices.
    Transcript Utility 8.5:

  • Robust transcript parser will separate out page and line numbers from text and allow transcripts to be repaginated,
  • Removes headers and footers
  • Each section of the transcript can be formatted differently (i.e. title, appearances, testimony, and closing pages)
  • Applies consistent indentation rules to transcript
    Creates clean, industry-standard amicus ASCII files that will work well with any software

    V-Print CR Pro 8.5:

  • Generate branded printed and PDF transcripts,
  • Add color sidebar brand information to title pages,
  • Add logo and firm information to the footer of transcript pages,
  • Add watermarks to entire transcript or just portions of the transcript,
  • Generate industry standard Amicus ASCII files that will work with all litigation support software,
  • Configure page and line numbering options to meet your needs,
  • Create layout templates that ensure your work product is consistent from one job to the next,
  • Headers and footers can include metadata references such as the event date and witness name,
  • Generate word concordance/index,
  • Create both full page and mini page versions,
  • Integrates with Visionary Scan and Visionary Auto Sync,
  • Archive features help you ensure consistent folder and file naming conventions,
  • Digitally sign transcript with a physical representation of a reporter’s signature and/or digital certificates,
  • Create PDF’s that limit editing and printing abilities,
  • No recurring fees.

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